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Central Illinois' premier martial arts gym, providing kids and adult classes in Thai Boxing (Muay Thai) and Western Boxing. Powerhouse Martial Arts Academy (PMAA) was established in 2013, with the mission of providing our community the best training for martial arts and self-defense in a clean, safe, and fun environment.

What is your goal? 

  - Get in shape

  - Compete in tournaments 

  - Build Confidence 

  - Learn self-defense

  - Make new friends

With experienced and dedicated instructors that focus on our members, PMAA is here to help you achieve your goals. 


Victor Castaneda (Boxing)

Boxing since the age of 10, he started boxing at Club Sarabia learning the Cuban style of boxing where he had a record of 19-1. He trained with Pro boxer and National Campion Job Solano. He then moved to the Pancho Rosales Gym in Mexico City. There he was 17-0. Then Coach Victor moved to the USA and trained under Golden Gloves Champion James Thorpe and had a 6-2 record. He finished his amateur boxing career with a record of 43-3.

Gary Savage (Boxing)

Gary has a Kinesiology degree  and a minor in psychology from ISU. He has trained boxing since 2008  and started teaching in 2012, He holds a 1-0 record in competition (college days) and is a former ace certified personal trainer.

Kasey Tanner (Submission Grappling, MMA Striking, MMA Grappling)

Kasey started training wrestling at a young age and continued through high school.  At age 15 he began training in the arts of Muay Thai and Jiu-Jitsu.  He had his debut MMA bout at 19 and followed it will 5 straight wins with 5 first round finishes.  He holds an amateur record of 6-0.  Kasey trained in Illinois as well as recently spending several years in Arizona training at Fight Ready.  In Arizona Kasey had the honor of training with UFC fighters Frankie Saenz, Roman Salazar, Jon Moraga, Patrick Williams, Estavan Payan, Seth Baczynski, Henry Cejudo, and many other high level athletes.  Kasey currently holds his purple belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu under Master Robson Moura and the RMNU association, and is actively working towards turning Pro in MMA.

Kandi Reeves (Muay Thai)

Apprentice instructor under Grand Master Ajarn Chai Sirisute of the Thai Boxing Association of the USA. Trained under Senior Instructor Ajarn Dave Rogers since 2009. Kandi won the 2011 Muay Thai Classics - World Muay Thai Tournament in the Heavyweight Class C division.  In 2012 she completed again at the Muay Thai Classic - World Muay Thai Tournament and won the championship in the Superheavy weight Class B division. Kandi is also a former personal trainer at Gold's gym, and is currently working on earning the Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist certification. Amateur Muay Thai record 5-1, Amateur MMA record 1-0. Kandi is also a certified special education teacher with a B.S.Ed. from Illinois State University.

Marc Herren (Muay Thai/Boxing/Junior Powerhouses)

Has been training Muay Thai since 2007 and tested under Khun Kru Kandi Reeves to attain level 2 instructor candidate in the World Thai Boxing Association under Ajarn David Rogers and Grand Master Ajarn Chai Sirisute.  In 2016 Marc competed at the Thai Boxing Classics and holds a record of 1-1-0 and currently holds a brown prajiad.  He has also trained Brazilian Jiujitsu from 2009-2014 and currently holds a blue belt.   In 2012 Marc completed at the Chicago NAGA tournment where he won silver in no-Gi and gold in Gi.

Andrew Parks (Junior Powerhouses)

Andrew has been a student of Muay Thai and boxing since 2014. He has trained under Khun Kru Kandi Reeves in the World Thai Boxing Association under Ajarn David Rogers and Grand Master Ajarn Chai Sirisute. He is a Certified USA Boxing Coach and continues to help train and corner fighters for the gym in both Muay Thai and Boxing. He strives to facilitate a fun and structured learning environment in every class he teaches.


Brent Shennett (Muay Thai/Strength & Conditioning)

Brent has been a long time student of Muay Thai, Boxing, Krav Maga, and Kali.  He passes on this extensive knowledge in his classes, which are high intensity and designed to take your fitness and self-defense to the next level.  


Mayshawn Tate (Junior Powerhouses/Boxing)

Mayshawn is PMAA's newest instructor, with a focus on boxing.  Mayshawn won Chicago Golden Gloves in 2017 with hopes of competing in the National Golden Gloves Tournament and an end goal of making the 2020 Olympic team. 

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