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Western Style Boxing

Traditional Western boxing using combinations of punches and footwork to increase stamina, agility, and reaction time. This is a mit/glove class with some contact. This is an excellent class for beginners interested in Martial Arts, and those looking to compete. The class is for kids and adults.

Muay Thai Foundations (Ages 14+)

The foundations class is great for beginners as it will focus on the primary strikes and defensive techniques of Muay Thai.  However, as with all martial arts, the foundations are key to improving and will benefit experienced students as well.  This class will have limited contact, with a focus on utilizing heavy bags and pad work.  

Muay Thai (Ages 14+)

This class focuses on teaching the Muay Thai strikes and defensive techniques and is appropriate for beginner and experienced students. Students will learn utilizing multiple training techniques including heavy bags and partner training.  Though sparring is not part of class, students will have contact in the form of holding pads and learning defensive skills.

Strength & Conditioning (Ages 16+)

Get ready to push your body to the limit.  With a mix of cardio, strength exercises, advanced martial arts, and self-defense techniques this class is for those wanting to push themselves to improve their overall fitness.

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